"A book is a dream you hold in your hand..........."

We invite you to experience our hand-picked collection of unique and traditional as well as some of the "hottest" trends. 

Matt Tavares

We have signed copies in stock! If you would like a personalised copy, contact us with details and Matt is happy to accomodate.

Ed Shankman

Author Ed Shankman and Illustrator Dave O'Neill are the creative team creating children's books that excite the imagination with rhyme and art. 

Jeannie Brett

Children's book author and illustrator, Jennie Brett at Animal Instinct book signing. We love our local artists! We feature many of Jeannie's books.  

Jan Brett

Jan Brett is an American illustrator and writer of children's picture books. We have an extensive selection of her delightful books.

The Cool Bean

Written by Jory John 
Illustrated by Pete Oswald

The Bad Seed

Written by Jory John Illustrated by Pete Oswald

The Good Egg

Written by Jory John Illustrated by Pete Oswald

The Great Eggscape

Written by Jory John Illustrated by Pete Oswald

R.W. has illustrated more than 100 children’s books, including the popular Paddington Bear books by Michael Bond. This year three new Paddington I-Can-Read books are available. R.W. and Zoë have collaborated on several children’s books, including the Enzo series, which describes the adventures of Enzo, the pup narrator of the New York Times best-selling novel The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein.

  To date, Zoë and R.W. have collaborated with Stein on the text of three Enzo books, Enzo Races in the Rain!, Enzo and the Christmas Tree Hunt! and the just-published Enzo’s Very Scary Halloween. R.W. and Zoë have also worked together, as illustrator and author, for There’s a Wolf at the Door, which was selected as a Washington Post Best Book of the Year, as well as its companion book of reinvented fairy tales, There’s a Princess in the Palace.

R.W.’s newest books, that he has both written and illustrated, Gretchen Over the Beach, Clark in the Deep Sea, Mitchell on the Moon and Annabelle at the South Pole feature the fantastical adventures of four siblings in four seasons.

R.W. Alley and Zoe Alley

I Met A Moose in Maine One Day

A boy and a moose become fast friends in this rhyming charmer. Together, boy and beast play hide-and-seek (not the best game for a moose), walk to the general store, then take a tour of Maine. They fly about in a seaplane, they run the Penobscot River on a raft made of logs, they hang out on a dock in Camden, and they finish off with some "chocolate moose cake" at a cafe in Portland!

Where's The Bathroom?

It’s a universal question from kids of all ages who really have to go! In "Where’s the Bathroom?" our story’s hero asks for the bathroom's location from the waiter at the Morning Star Café as the story begins. Following long, complicated, and confusing directions given by the waiter and other funny characters he meets along the way, this poor little boy is about to burst! And where does the bathroom turn out to be? Why, right where he started out, of course!

When A Lobster Buys a Bathrobe

When a Lobster Buys a Bathrobe, does not happen in just one place, but wherever lobsters are found ― and that’s almost everywhere Shankman & O’Neill have traveled before...and beyond! With its bouncing rhymes and colorful illustrations, everyone will love reading this charming story again and again!

Shankman & O'Neill BOOKS

Matt Tavares

Becoming Babe Ruth

With vivid illustrations and clear affection for his subject, Matt Tavares sheds light on an icon who learned early that life is what you make of it --and sends home a message about honoring the place from which you came.


There goes Ted Williams

A lively picture book biography of Ted Williams from a master of the genre -- just in time for Fenway Park's centennial. Ted Williams lived a life of dedication and passion. He was an ordinary kid who wanted one thing: to hit a baseball better than anyone else. So he practised his swing every chance he got.

Red and Lulu

The tree in Red & Lulu represents all that stuff in our lives that seems really important but actually isn't. Maybe it's the house where we live or the work we spend our days focused on. The tree brings great joy to Red & Lulu, and ultimately it is the tree, and their shared love of music, which leads Red back to Lulu. But in the end, they are okay without it, as long as they have each other.

Duck & Goose Go to The Beach

Tad Hills Author

Uni The Unicorn

Amy Krause Rosenthal 
illustrated by Brigette Barrager

Dear Girl

Amy Krause Rosenthal and Paris Rosenthal Illustrated By Holly Hatam 

Girls Who Code

By Reshma Saujani

Bruce's Big Move

Ryan T. HigginsNew York Times Best Selling Author

Bruce's Big Storm

Ryan T. HigginsNew York Times Best Selling Author

Mother Bruce

Ryan T. HigginsNew York Times Best Selling Author

We don't eat our Classmates

Ryan T. HigginsNew York Times Best Selling Author





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