The products shown here are a small sampling of our robust inventory of kits for all ages. Call us for more for info and ask about a virtual tour.

Electricity Science Kit

The Magic Schoolbus: Rides Again
National Award Winning STEM product. For ages 5+

Back in Time with Dinosaurs Science Kit

Another Award-winning STEM product from The Magic Schoolbus: Rides Again. For Ages 5+

Smart Circuits

Games & Gadgets Electronics Lab
Wire up the fun with a computer microprocessor! A STEAM product for Ages 8+

Squishy Human Body

Get organ-ized with realistic model and anatomy book!
A STEAM product for Ages 8+ From Smart Lab

Dig It Up!

Giant Gem Discovery! Includes 13 gems and autherntic excavation tools. For ages 4+

The Big Egg

From Dig it Up, the Big Egg offers the dicovery and excitement of Paleontology! For ages 4+

Doorbell Making Kit

Kidzlabs Doorbell Making KitLearn about electromagnetism! For ages 8+

Bug Playground

Insect Inspector Lab! Watch bugs whoosh down the slide!
A STEAM product. For ages 7+
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