Weird Things Humans Search For


  • PEOPLE ARE STRANGE: We looked through the Internet and collected a load of totally-genuine, totally-weird web searches. So we decided to make a party game out of it.
  • THINK LIKE A HUMAN: In Weird Things Humans Search For, you’ll hear the first half of an internet search, like ‘did dinosaurs…’. It’s your job to try and figure out what came next.
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We’ve been looking on the Internet at some of the things you guys have been searching for and it’s pretty strange: “Has a monkey ever touched a blue whale?”, “Did dinosaurs go to heaven?”, “Is ham evil?” — the list goes on. Well, we took all those weird and wonderful internet searches and picked out our absolute favorites. What we were left with was 160 cards, each containing a shockingly strange (yet very real) internet search. Like most party games, the rules are simple. Grab your friends, choose a player to be the question master, then split up into teams. Next, have the question master take a card and read out the first half of the search. For example: “Why do I have so much…” Each team then gets a minute to try and guess what the most popular ending was. Once you think you’ve sussed the answer, write down two endings: one main guess and one bonus guess. Now it’s time for you to grab your friends, split into teams and start second-guessing exactly how strange the human race can be. If you want to win, you’ll have to take on searches about all sorts of topics: from memes to dinosaurs, pet frogs to sumo wrestlers.

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